I know I just posted about ten seconds ago, but I had to mention this…

The contest I mentioned in this entry a few days ago? The creator and one of the judges (same person, not two separate entities, to clarify) happened to find my blog via NaNo, and of course the most recent entry was the one mentioning her contest! She mentioned the discovery in her own blog, which I’m going to peruse more thoroughly later, but I like what I see so far. And come on, she created an awesome contest, so…obviously she’s cool. I don’t normally put smilies in blog posts, but I can’t help myself now =).

Life is truly so funny sometimes. I’m going to go shake my head and marvel at the silliness of it all. Then I’m going to start on my entry for the contest, because as she said in her comment to my blog post, it’s obviously meant to be!