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So. Where have I been?

Well, here, pretty much. Just haven’t felt like posting this week. Needed a short break.

But I’m back, baby! With lots of random crap to talk about!

First of all, it is going to be REALLY FREAKING HOT today. The high is 97. That…is really, really hot. I will probably turn on the air conditioning at some point today, even though I’m not an air conditioning fan (teehee…get it? air conditioning? fan? Seriously, that was a total accident).

There are several reasons for my dislike for AC:

A. It’s not so great for the environment. I know there are some things I do that aren’t in the planet’s best interest, such as driving a car that doesn’t have the best gas mileage because it’s incredibly safe and thus makes me feel safer, and also it has AWD and that’s good when you live on a road that might not see the plow until late morning after five inches of snow fell the night before. So I feel like I should do something to make up for that.

B. It’s expensive. Again, making up for the whole slightly-gas-guzzling car thing.

C. It dries out my contacts, and then I feel like I have an ulcer in my eye, except that I don’t. That’s no fun. Better than having an ulcer in my eye (this has happened several times, and it’s quite unpleasant), but still. Not fun.

D. It’s loud. The air conditioning units are three floors below our bedroom window, and I get to listen to them every night. Why do people need air conditioning when it’s 60 degrees out, like it was night before last? Seriously. I think there might be some alien lifeforms that thrive in cold environments living in my building. Just a theory.

E. It gives me a reason to make lists. I like making lists.

But, 97 degrees…yeah. That definitely exceeds the lengths to which I am willing to go for my environment-guilt and low utility bills. Plus, extreme heat does not help with my inherent sweatiness. Btw, I have this wonderful disorder, so you can imagine how fun really hot summers are for me. Oddly, though, I still like summer more than winter. I sweat massive amounts year round, though, so really…well, I’m going to sweat no matter what.

Oh, and btw, if you think all this sweat-talk is gross or unnecessary, I’m going to have to ask you to STFU and go somewhere else. It’s part of my daily life and has been since I can remember, so I generally keep people who look down on me for it out of my life. I don’t need them, they don’t need me.

In other news, my little sister is graduating today. Congratulations, Rach! I’m so proud of you, and I’m very sorry I can’t be there to see you get your diploma. And I need to go get you a card.

Now, I must go write, and send out a query (Rather than send out five a week, I’m just keeping five out there at any given time). And shower. And go to the store to get a card. And find a new hand-blotting-dishtowel, because the one I’ve been using for the past few days has gotten cat-hairy.

Busy day ahead.


3 thoughts on “Sweltering

  1. It sounds like a miserable disorder to have. And it sounds like people give you a hard time about it, which is a shame.

    When I lived in Arizona, one summer we couldn’t afford to run the AC. We kept cool by spraying water at ourselves in front of the fan. Not sure if it will be as effective in the humidity.

    Or, of course, you can go to the mall and take advantage of the free AC.

  2. Keeping 5 queries out at any given time sounds like a more attainable method than 5 per week… hmmm… something for me to consider! =)

    Best of luck!!!

  3. Tia: It’s odd how you get used to it. As much as I hate it, it’s a part of me. I used to get some flack for it, and long ago just decided not to put up with it. Not sure if the water would work too well–I’m usually damp enough, lol!–but the mall is a good idea!

    Erica: Yeah, it’s a bit easier. And that way, every time I get a rejection, I feel like I’m *doing* something to move on from it. Keeps me from moping =).

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