That Old Feeling

Listening to: Guster, “Empire State”


They’re all reading my most recent novel. I didn’t force them, bribe them, or otherwise coerce them–they all volunteered. And they really went to town on the thing, I might add. Ashley (brown hair, red shirt), Josh (only male, obviously), and I had a long discussion about description of characters, especially in first-person. What did I do to deserve such awesome friends? Ashley is an especially good reader for me, since she reads heavily in my genre.

I’m mostly out of my melancholy from Friday. We had a great weekend–going out for drinks, spending time with friends, going to hockey games, and watching football. That helped immensely. And Thanksgiving is fast approaching–woohoo!

No writing talk today. I think I’m just drifting right now, trying to find the project that’s right for me. No idea what that will be.

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