There and Back

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Oh. My. Gah–

Yes, that’s right. I’m back. Again. I know I have these periods of disappearance, when life gets crazy or I get a bit burnt out on the blogging thing. And you know I do, too. So if you’ve been patient and awaited my glorious return, thank you. And if you appreciate the sarcasm in that last sentence, DOUBLE thank you.

I’m in a weird mood. Sorry.

Anyhow, my life has been weird and crazy and exhausting and weird and crazy all over again over the past few months. I have no particular news, except that I finished the massive revisions on Grim Light, and I’m getting ready to query. I’m making my usual query spreadsheet, and I somehow managed to write my short synopsis (one page, baby!) in one sitting. Without fiddling with either font of margins, too.

Who’s a pro? I’m a pro, kids. Either that, or I’ve done this crap one too many times. Leaning toward option B.

Now I’m working on the longer synopsis. I think I’ll do one page for every 10k words, which will come out to about seven pages. Does that sound right? Someone tell me if that sounds right.

And I think–I think–I’ve come up with a decent query letter. I’m going to tweak it a bit, and then I’ll put it up here for ya’ll to poke and prod at, if you wish. Or you can just bask in its glory. You know, whatever.

Maybe I’ll do that for Teaser Tuesday, actually.

My problem with queries tends to be that I rewrite them a million times over the course of querying. Tia can attest to that, as she was instrumental in a long, long series of revisions last year. I’m hoping to avoid that this time. If it works, great. If it doesn’t, then on to the next book. Whatever.

So I’ll be ready to query in the next few weeks. Sooner, hopefully. And I’ve decided, as part of my new “if it works, great” attitude, that I’m just going to shoot them out ten at a time, every Sunday night. I’ll have my querying order all worked out in advance, and I’ll just move to the next 10 on the list every Sunday, regardless of responses (or lack thereof). I’m just going to do this and get it over with, because I’m freaking ready. It’s been far too long since I started this novel, and I’m tired of it sitting around.

So that’s what’s going on with me, writing-wise. And you?

5 thoughts on “There and Back

  1. Good luck with the querying. I’m struggling to hit “the end”. I’m also doing some revisions and meeting with the critique group tonight.

  2. Well, good luck with querying and all the rest of the process. I really, really hope to see GL on the shelves one day!

  3. Gah is right. Haven’t written anything new for a while. I think I’m burned out. I have some stuff out for submission and I did do the Snarkzone editorial for TC.

  4. I’m now at the point where my query is much stronger than when I started back in December. So are my opening pages. Now I want to requery all those agents I queried in December.

    I’ll be glad to give you my feedback again.

  5. I've got my fingers crossed for your querying. Me? I'm still sending out queries for my book Blink, and I'm trying to write new words. I'm also supposed to be editing on another book, but I've fallen down on the job. (Mainly because I'm spending a lot of time reading. That counts as work, doesn't it?)

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