Various Updates

Listening to: The Weakerthans, “Plea From a Cat Named Virtute”
(P.S.: This song is made of awesome.)

  • The car’s problem might just be a part that was recalled. This would be wonderful, as then we wouldn’t have to a.) pay large sums of money to fix it, b.) buy a new car and give up the wonderful all wheel drive, or c.) own a car that only starts when it feels like it. We’ll know sometime after next Thursday, as that’s when the dealership’s next available appointment is. Yeah, I know.
  • The Audi dealership we took the car to also sells Jags and Porsches. Between the drool and the 100 degree temps, The Husband nearly dehydrated.
  • The beach was fabulous. My hair, currently being too short to effectively form a ponytail, was everywhere.
  • I miss my PA friends. Specifically, these guys:

It’s been almost a month since I’ve seen the one on the right, and two months since I’ve seen the one on the left. Also, I haven’t seen any member of my family in three months. Will fix that last one, at least, this weekend.

  • I’m really diving back into the current book. One thing that helps is listening to the playlist I created for it back when I was really, really deep into it. See? Sometimes the things we do to procrastinate actually benefit us later. I will now use this single instance as an excuse to procrastinate constantly.
  • Update on the car update: Wow, the dealership just called, and the car’s going in today. Crossing my fingers and praying to the automotive gods.
  • It’s hot as $%^& right now. On a related note, I smell bad.

Okay. The writing is calling me. Must go answer it.

2 thoughts on “Various Updates

  1. Very nice self portrait! I didn’t realize you live near the beach. You do realize that you’ve strayed into a hurricane zone, don’t you?

  2. Yeah, we’re about an hour away. It is quite awesome.

    And the hurricane thing hit me when we got a newspaper and it came with a hurricane prep & evac guide. As long as we don’t own property down here, I’m not too worried. I’ve heard some tales of going a week without running water, though, so I made sure we’re stocked up =).

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