When the Voices Won’t Stop

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There. After a week of polishing and shining and finding typos, and sweating over this manuscript, it’s off to the editor who requested it at the conference.

I made many changes, not any huge ones but several that fixed some minor problems people brought to my attention,* and quite a few that make me feel like this thing is as good as it’s gonna get anytime soon.

All these changes required me to dive back into the book, and into my protagonist’s head, with full force. I was concerned, at first, that I would find this difficult. HA! I’m so funny. Because I had the opposite problem. Once I got started, I couldn’t get her voice out of my head. All week, she’s been talking and talking, giving me bits of dialog and narration that weren’t there before. Verbose little brat, my protagonist.

Every time I was in the car or the shower, there she was. I woke up this morning to her voice, as she gave me a few last bits to put into the manuscript before I sent it out. She just wouldn’t shut up.

So now I have her voice in my head, and I figure I may as well use it. I think I’ll get back to work on book two this weekend, since none of the projects I’ve tried to start in the past few months have really panned out. I’ve always been against starting a sequel when you don’t know if the first one even has a chance–it seems like such a waste of time to me. But this book changed all that, because I really want to write more of this character’s story.

And if nothing else, it’ll distract me from the waiting game that has begun, yet again. Distractions–I need them.

*Thanks Tia!

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  1. You’re welcome!

    Jennifer Rardin’s first three books were published every two months last year. She had to have more than one finished when she sold the first. (In fact, I sent her an interview last week where I asked her that very question.) And I believe that Naomi Novik did the same thing in 2006.

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