Writing Mania

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Well, I’ve been a bad little blogger, haven’t I?

But I’m back now. Mainly because the words, which for a while seemed to trickle out at a scary-slow pace, have returned. With a vengeance.

I’m working on revisions of FLAWED, and a lot of it is fresh material. It was all going rather slow…until Sunday. If you watch my Twitter feed, you know I had a big breakthrough that day. A 7200 word breakthrough, to be precise. That shattered my old record (I think the most I’ve written in one day is 4k).

Then came Monday. 3500 words. Which seems rather shabby compared with Sunday’s progress, but obviously, it’s not.

Frankly, I’m a little freaked out. I have no desire to procrastinate, no desire to do anything but write. I want to sit here with my headphones and my coffee and write until my hands fall off. I don’t even want to go to the cafe, and I pretty much wrote there every day last week. Little Brother, which I’ve wanted to read for like two years now, is sitting on my TBR pile, but I haven’t picked it up. I’m two weeks behind on Vampire Diaries, and while a tiny part of me would like to catch up with it and paint my nails (they’re horribly chipped), the rest of me keeps my butt in the chair.

This is not like me. Sure, I write a lot. I went to visit relatives with my dad for a week, and despite being on the road,* managed about 1200 words/day (and 1500 words on the plane ride back, where I discovered that writing really helps my flying-related anxiety). But I don’t do this all day, every day. That can’t be healthy, can it?

I’ve taken a little time to do a few household chores, and I make sure I get up and do some physical activity at least once a day (oh hai, Wii!). Deep vein thrombosis would really screw up my rhythm, y’know. And I’ve been making sure to get enough sleep.

The Husband has been trying to keep up with what I write, as I write it. This is the conversation we had last night:

Me: You need to get reading, so you can catch up to where I am.

Him: I don’t think anyone can read as many words a day as you’ve been writing.

Well. I can, and I know a lot of writers who can, but that’s beside the point.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about having a high output. And a lot of it’s probably crap, and will have to be either cut or revised when I get to that stage. I’m just…waiting. Wondering when this phase stops, when I go back to the slow trickle, when the urge to procrastinate kicks in again. It’s kind of like when you get on a winning streak, and you wonder: okay, when do I lose, and lose BIG? Or maybe it’s that kind of superstition that for every high there’s a corresponding low.

I’ve had high output phases, but it’s usually at the very beginning or the very end. I’m kind of in the middle. When this is very much NOT supposed to happen.

And I’m having so much fun, too. I’m enjoying this time spent with my characters and the little surprises they give me every day. I love escaping into my own little world; this is probably part of the reason I’m a writer.

So, that’s that, I guess. I’m going to go with the flow until the flow don’t go. Heh.

I just wish I could shut up that pessimistic little voice waaaay back in my brain, the one that tells me I’m gonna crash and crash hard.

Oh wait, I can. By writing.

Did you ever have a period like this, where you just couldn’t stop? What happened…after?

P.S. I tweeted and Facebooked this blog yesterday, and this is my final space to tell you OMG GO READ IT NOW. Numbers 1, 2, 6, and 8 are especially poignant to me right now, but it’s all awesome. I bookmarked it, and I plan to, if I do hit that scary low, go back and read the whole thing again to bring me back up. It’s that good.

*We drove down the coast, but I flew back alone because he was staying for two weeks and I just couldn’t take THAT much time “off”. Which obviously, I didn’t really take any time off, since I managed for the first time to keep up with my writing while traveling. GO ME.

2 thoughts on “Writing Mania

  1. Great post!

    Inspiration slapped me upside the head like that when I was writing my cowboy science fiction story, and when I was writing my Christian thriller. Unfortunately, the muse abandoned me during the thriller, but I managed to finish the cowboy SF.

    I also had similar bouts of inspiration when I finished my two finished novels. So it’s capricious. Sometimes, it leads to a finished product, and sometimes not.

    I find it’s a good thing to have a visit by the muse when you’re finishing a work. When you’re starting a work, it sometimes abandons you. Or at least, it abandons me.

    Right now, I’m on a writing break. I went through some of my old (old, OLD!) short stories, and I think one — which I had completely forgotten about — might be worth revisiting.

  2. It’s so weird how it comes and goes. Why can’t we just be consistent? Silly muse. Like she REALLY has better things to do than hang around my basement while I drink coffee and sing along with my music.

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